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After decades of having to deal with Grandma take shaky pictures with her disposable camera, we can now live in a world with smooth footage even from our smartphones!! Millennial Man is proud to present the ultimate solution to shaky video: our Steady Volt Smartphone Stabilizer... Featuring state-of-the-art gimbal mounts to get rid of any shakiness as you move about!
Capable of working with the latest action cameras on the market as well as any smartphone, the Steady Volt Smartphone Stabilizer is the perfect solution for those wanting to shoot professional footage on their smartphone! Simply use the "Zy-Play" app on your phone to connect with the handheld stabilizer and you're ready to go!
Integrated with our unique 3-axis gimbals, we achieve a 30% increase in response speed compared to our competitors to offer a seamless, dynamic filming experience. Also designed with one of the best batteries out there, the Steady Volt Smartphone Stabilizer can lasts a whopping 14 hours! Our Steady Volt Smartphone Stabilizer is a $600 value that we're letting you have starting at $249.99!! Don't suffer with shitty footage any longer, and get your Steady Volt Smartphone Stabilizer today!!


1 x Smooth 3 Gimbal
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Storage Bag
1 x Selfie Light
1 * Cleaning Kit


As of February, 9, 2018, we have 100 units in stock and are offering them at a 50% OFF discount. Once this batch on inventory has been happily purchased, we will raise the rate accordingly. BUT, don't worry! The full retail rate is still an explosive deal for the Steady Volt Smartphone Stabilizer!